Yoga Dome


10 metre diameter hemisphere dome for a Yoga studio.

Custom cover


Design the elevated platform to suit the 20 sided dome base, so that the dome canopy overlaps the platform to facilitate water run off.

Design a custom canopy with Ferrari 502 ‘Vanilla’ colour, clear vinyl ‘window’ and clear circular portholes.

Build the dome frame exactly onto the prepared deck and haul over the cover.


Fabric Solutions expertly manufactured the one piece cover, with extra fabric in place for the custom made door.

The dome frame was built and bolted down onto the prepared deck (which had a perimeter of joists to screw into.)

A team of ten men were needed to haul the canopy over the frame.  Several pulling on an attached rope, with others on outside and inside of the frame ensuring the canopy did not get snagged.

Setup and execution

An air conditioning unit was installed under the raised platform. Vents up through the plywood flooring keep the dome nice and cool in the sub-tropical climate.

A pre-loved stained glass door was custom-fitted into the dome frame and flashed with extra main canopy fabric.

Outcome and benefits

We initially installed 5 vents at the top of the top.  These were triangular aluminium frames within 5 top triangles, hinged and then pushed open with a 12 volt Linear Actuator (a small electric piston)



The opening vents at the top worked fine until their there were horizontal gale force winds.  The strong winds buffeted the opening triangles and proved them to be impractical.  The triangle frames and actuators were removed and the oversized fabric was glued down watertight. A worthwhile lesson.