Projection Dome FAQs
The Dome Company Australia

Questions about projection dome technology? Explore our comprehensive FAQs for insights into the versatile uses, innovative technology, and unique benefits of our Projection Domes. Whether you're considering hiring or purchasing, learn about the setup, customization options, and maintenance of these immersive Fulldome cinemas. Delve into the specifics of dome sizes, projection mapping techniques, and the possibilities of connecting multiple domes for an expanded experience. Understand the content you can project, from educational to entertainment, and the ease of integrating custom content to make your event truly stand out. Our geodesic Projection and Event Domes offer unparalleled portability and flexibility, ideal for a wide range of applications, ensuring your audience enjoys a captivating experience.

The Dome Company creates a projection dome as a hemispherical structure to project wrap-around images or videos onto its inner and/or outer surfaces. Projection domes create a group 360 virtual reality immersive experience without the need for VR goggles.

Typically, the screen horizon sits at 1800mm but it can be lower. The Dome Company designs projection domes as ‘Fulldome’ cinemas, projecting onto the entire dome interior above 1.8m, including the ceiling, not just onto a 360-degree cylindrical screen.

The exterior fabric of the geodesic dome is opaque (block out) Ferrari 702 fabric, fire rated and weatherproof. We directly project mapping onto the dome’s interior fabric surface, making the dome frame visible. Refer to the 12m and 18m projection domes @
For a more immersive experience we create a ‘negative pressure’ projection screen.

A lightweight (polyester) fabric is sewn to create a hemisphere. This screen is sealed with Velcro to the inside of the dome frame and extractor fans suck the air out between the two fabrics which create a negative pressure which inflates the screen. The seams of the curved screen are minimally visible. Chords are suspended from the dome frame to the back of the screen to prevent it completely deflating in the event of a power failure.
A single central projector can be used for a planetarium, but this takes up valuable space in the centre of the dome. For Fulldome cinema we use multiple laser projectors mounted on truss around the dome’s perimeter. For a 10 metre diameter dome the 8 projectors are connected to a ‘media server’. The Dome Company media server is made in Australia and uses Nestmap automatic dome mapping software to calibrate the media content and stitch the the fulldome video content into one seamless 360 degree image.
Projection domes are typically used for events, festivals, planetariums, parties, brand launches or tourism promotions.
Our 10 metre diameter projection dome will accommodate 30 people. The 15 metre diameter projection dome will hold 100 people
Outer weatherproof skin, aluminium or steel tube geodesic dome frame, internal negative pressure projection screen, laser projectors on truss, media server, cables, monitor, sound system. For hire projects there may also be a need for flooring, air conditioning and concrete block ballast.
The Dome Company 8 metre diameter projection dome can be transported in a single cage pallet. The 10 metre diameter projection dome takes up 2 pallet spaces. Both can be constructed (with a team of 3) in half a day. The 15 metre diameter projection requires 3 pallet spaces and takes one day to install.

The most common types of projection used for the input of fulldome content are Equirectangular (also called Spherical or Panorama 360), Cube Map and Fisheye.

  1. Content can be custom-made in collaboration with our team.
  2. Content can be licensed from the original creators. It must be supplied in a dome master file format suitable for fulldome projections. Content resolution should be at least 4K.
  3. Free content can also be screened without licensing
If a new custom skin is purchased, then digital printing can be applied over all or part of the cover. For hire domes we have effectively used removable stick on decals for branding.

It is possible to connect multiple domes (of same or different sizes) together. Extra fabric and frame will be necessary and varies depending on the application.

This will depend on the duration of the proposed event.  If the event is for longer than a 2 week period, then it is typically more cost-effective to purchase than it is to hire one of our projection domes.