We love building domes

Hello – My name is Robbie Lusher. I am the founder and owner of The Dome Company. We build large Australian-made event & projection domes for sale or hire.

I LOVE geodesic Domes.

Having built my first geodesic dome (5 metre diameter) in 1973 I have been building domes in one form or another for the 51 years since then. My passion for these beautiful structures has never waned and now they just keep getting bigger and better.

99% of the domes shown in photographs on this web site were designed and fabricated by myself, and erected by myself and Dome Company employees. When you purchase or hire from The Dome Company you are guaranteed my personal service.

My enthusiasm now is for large Projection Domes.  Portable or permanent domes with 360 degree (plus top of dome) projection mapping which creates an immersive virtual reality experience without goggles.  On the hit list now are 27 metre projection domes for the Sydney Opera House forecourt and the Brisbane Olympic games.  Stay tuned!

The Dome Company – Large Event & Projection Domes for sale or hire.

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Robbie Lusher, founder of The Dome Company, building a 20m dome frame for SciTech, Perth
20 metre dome frame build

Why The Dome Company?

  • Market leader: 53 years dome building experience.
  • Made in Australia: 100% Australian owned  family businesses. Australian steel, fabrics from Europe and Japan.
  • Australian Engineering Certification: Imported Domes do not comply, ours do!
  • Nationwide: Perth to Brisbane. All states, all conditions.
  • Competitive: More volume per floor area than any other structure.
  • Fast lead in for sales: No shipping delays, duties and exchange rates.
  • Personal service: Available at short notice for changes
  • Variety of products: Over 50 different dome designs made.
  • Passion: We love building domes!

Type of events we cover

Our domes can be installed pretty much everywhere for any type of event from festivals to product launches and exhibitions.