Client:  S.A.S.H.  Tilley & Wills

Venue: Greenwood Hotel.  Sydney

Dome Cover:  Fabric Solutions

Dome Frame: The Dome Company.


Erect a dome to fit an existing raised octagon shaped platorm

Bolt to dome to existing foundations

Limited access, no space for crane or Dome Company lifting equipment


A dome was designed to exactly fit the existing raised platform

All materials had to be hand loaded onto site.  No vehicle access within 50 metres.

Expansion bolts and brackets were embedded in the sides of the raised platform and ratchet tie downs used to secure to the dome frame.

A combination of truss lifters and muscle power were used to raise the dome level by level with the cover on top and being unrolled to each successive ring.

Setup and execution

The “Igloo” drew capacity crowds during the winters of 2022 & 2023





Outcome and benefits