Pure Blonde

Projection dome

Client: Pure Blonde. Carlton United Breweries
Event Management: The Sound Campaign
Projection content: The Creative Shop
Dome Cover: EH Bretts
Frame: Fast Fit engineering

Brief/event nature/purpose:
Promoting Pure Blonde beer @ Summadayze and Future Music festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
The first large pop up dome to go on tour to 3 states with internal and external projection mapping.
Substantial printing of logos on exterior of dome canopy.



One day set up of the 18m dome, including a 5 metre long attached tunnel for fog screen projection.
21 tonnes of ballast blocks around dome perimeter
All builds to be executed without power or use of cranes, lifts.
No projectors to be inside dome.
A large dj booth was needed in the centre of the dome.




The custom dome cover (Ferrari 702) was fabricated in 5 sections which were ‘dutch-laced’ together during the build.
The dome frame was powder-coated white to effect less interference with projection mapping.
All cover sections, frame, lifting gear and décor were transported in a 40 foot container to each site.
The entrance tunnel was especially engineering to connect onto the main dome frame.

Setup and execution

Pro-floor laid before each build
Adaptations needed to be made on site for the fog screen to work in the entrance tunnel.
After building the dome, a large section of the frame was removed to allow the substantial dj booth to be moved in by forklift.
Truss towers were erected outside the dome on which to mount the large projectors, which poked through holes in the dome canopy. Each tower needed to be weighted and weather-proofed.

Outcome and benefits

The Summadayze and Future Music festivals in the summer of 2012 were huge! Refer to attached videos to see the crowds. The dome had substantial air con, and so was the ‘coolest’ of venues. The projection mapping was cutting edge for its time.







The 18m Pure Blonde dome was bought by The Dome Company and has been used several times for Wanderlust and Splendour in the Grass festivals.  As of 2024, we still have it in stock.