Optus “Love Lounge”


Client: Optus
Event Management: Jack Morton International
Special Guest: Kelly Rowland
Guests: Nova 96.9 radio hosts
Dome Cover: EH Bretts
Frame: Fast Fit engineering

Brief/event nature/purpose:
New mobile phone launch.  iPhone 4
2 day event with bump in/out on either side


Make a custom dome cover with Optus yellow colour and large translucent bay ‘window’.
Fit into the Custom’s House square space without having exterior ballast blocks.


The bespoke one-piece waterproof cover was made with 3 removable arch doors, and a clear vinyl pentagon at top.

Horizontal water tanks were attached to the dome frame inside the dome, and when finished with plywood top and pull over cover, the 8 tanks acted as excellent seats.
Water was pumped in and out before and after the event.

Setup and execution

Checkered Hexapro flooring was laid before construction of the 15 metre dome using The Dome Company proprietary lifting equipment of tripods and chain blocks. 6 hour build.
The three large entrances had zip off removable panels.
Internal banners and lighting were hung off the dome frame.
A coffee barista was also in the middle of the dome.

Outcome and benefits

Being opposite Circular Quay Railway Station in Sydney and in view of the Opera House, the Custom House square location is a high traffic area. With the floor area of 180 square metres, the dome often had over 100 people inside.
Being a winter event, no air con was needed and the yellow tinted interior was very inviting and dramatic at night.



Kelly Rowland was a huge hit and the Nova 96.9 radio hosts kept the excitement levels high.

View the YouTube video links below showing the popularity of the event.




Set up and pack down of the dome went effortlessly and quickly, with all components (including water tanks) fitting into one three tonne pantec truck.
The dome was purchased back by The Dome Company and has been in permanent use as a healing centre in far north Queensland. In 2024, the canopy is still holding up perfectly.