Mercedes Benz Roadshow


Client: Mercedes Benz
Event Management: GP Johnson
Canopy: EH Bretts
Frame: Fast Fit engineering

Brief/event nature/purpose:
The event showcased the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles inside and around the 18 metre diameter dome. The Star Dome was described as “an exciting new platform” that combined Mercedes-Benz vehicles with a multi-sensory exhibitions and large-scale interior projections.
Among the Benz vehicles on display were an SLS AMG Roadster, SL 500, CLS 350, and E 63 AMG, along with two C 63 AMG ‘Edition 507’ Performance Studio vehicles.


The client requested a light-weight black opaque canopy which was grey on the inside and suitable for internal projection.
The 18m dome needed to be set up in one day, complete with 21 tonnes of concrete ballast blocks, and with an entrance large enough to drive in 4 luxury cars. A custom side-opening 40 foot container needed to be positioned against the dome entrance. All exterior components and canopy had to be black.


Bretts manufactured a bespoke black/grey canopy which was half the weight of usual opaque pvc, and therefore allowed The Dome Company to erect the 18m dome in 6 – 8 hours with a crew of 7, using our proprietary lifting equipment.

A trial build was executed in a Sydney warehouse to make sure the canopy fitted perfectly.  It did.


Setup and execution

The Star Dome components were transported within half of the entrance container. The shiny black exterior appeared to be like black glass in sunshine. Black covers were custom made for the concrete ballast blocks and ratchet tie downs were painted black. A 20m x 20m floor of 1m x 1m thick rubber tiles was laid out before the dome was built. (black of course)
3 day events were held in:
King George Square, Brisbane
First Fleet Park, OPT Forecout, Sydney
Queensbridge Square, Melbourne

Outcome and benefits

The Star Dome featured the latest rolling examples of Mercedes-Benz engineering and design, as well as what Benz called “a muti-sensory exhibition and large scale projections that transformed the Star Dome into a highly engaging visual and dynamic artwork”.
Our understanding is the car sales from the event were in double figures, with pricing for most of the cars starting at around $150,000.


The 18m dome package was eventually donated to ‘A Sound Life’ charity and using many times for their events and the Byron Bay Spirit Festival.