Client: Garnier
Event Management : 2Fish
Canopy: EH Bretts
Frame: Fast Fit engineering

Brief/event nature/purpose:
To create a pop-up 12 metre diameter dome with lock up double doors and full exterior digital branding. To be used at Melbourne, Sydney and Gosford plus Canberra Floriade.


Lock up doors.
Weighting down when on top of an elevated platform


Aluminium double opening doors were custom made. The inserts were Lexan polycarbonate, used for its strength and safe transportation.
Large horizontal water tanks were adapted to use as ballast weights inside the dome. There were ratchet tied-down to the frame, covered with ply and cloth covers and served as seating for patrons around the inside perimeter of the dome.
The plastic rectangular tanks could be lifted by two people when empty, and weighed 600kgs when filled.

Setup and execution

A trial build of the dome was executed in a Sydney warehouse to test the fit of the double doors.
Each dome set up required the pre-building of an elevated timber platform with wheelchair access ramp. With the height of the platform, timber balustrading was also needed around the perimeter. The Dome Company proprietary lifting tripods were invaluable for erecteing the dome onto a tight space.
Flashing of exterior fabric around the entrance doors was quite complicated, but the end result was lock up doors and watertight canopy.

Outcome and benefits

The Garnier dome featured at the Melbourne International Flower and Garner Show (twice)  Floriade in Canberra (twice)  and Sydney and Gosford Flower shows.  Every event was famous for the showbag and beauty products and tutorials in the dome.



At the Gosford event, a 100 year gale demolished every marquee on site. The Garnier dome survived and only needed one of the door seams re-welded. This was done overnight and the cover put back on.
The Garnier was purchased back by The Dome Company and is still being used as accommodation at a private property in Tasmania.