Crystal Castle


Client: Crystal Castle & Shambala Gardens, Byron Bay

Naren, Sono and Toby King

The Kings wished to cover the long-existing outdoor Labyrinth with a closed in permanent  15 metre dome to be used for sound-healing and events.

Crystal Castle has a long history of innovative architecture and beautifully designed gardens.

From the plaque at the Peace Domc entrance:

“When we first started the Crystal Castle, even before the first visitors ever arrived, we were fascinated by the work of the 20th century visionary Buckminster Fuller.  He had developed the geodesic dome, which created an amazing space with extraordinary strength. So, because it was all we could afford at the time, we built a little 4 metre dome out of plumbing pipes.  Since then, we have always dreamed of creating a larger geodesic dome that everyone could enjoy.”   Naren King



Some  tree pruning needed to be done in order for the dome to fit into a tight spot .  A durable fabric was required for the wet and humid sub-tropical environment.  Plenty of natural light in the dome was desired, and detachable insect screen on doors.  Also roll up sections of the dome to facilitate cross ventilation.


The choice of fabric was Ferrari 702 with a high gsm weight (850)  and 15 year warranty.  6 large bay ‘window’ were designed for an abundance of natural light.  Clearweave fabric was chosen for the windows as it has a cross-hatch weave which prevents slump of the large spans needed.

4 detachable fabric doors were incorporated and 2 large roll up sections.  The doors are 2.4 x 1.5 metres and the roll up vents are 3.0 x 1.5 metres

Heavy weave flyscreen mesh was used on the roll up vents and screens with magnetic closures were used on the entrances.

Setup and execution

A concrete slab was formed to exact specifications and the 15 metre dome was built in one day with a crew of 6.   Using our proprietary lifting system we were able to avoid the use of automated boom or scissor lifts and to erect the dome between trees, fixed benches and gardens.

The dome was connected to the concrete with dyna bolts into brackets attached the bottom 30 frame nodes.

Our understanding is that several tonnes of rose quartz crystals were incorporated in the floor concrete.  The floor was polished to expose the crystals.

Outcome and benefits

The “Peace Dome” has been a focal feature of the Crystal Castle since it was built in 2021.  It is used two times every day for sound healing sessions with a 20 minute ‘concert’ of large crystal singing bowls.  The acoustics in the dome are exceptional and combined with the standing crystals and crystals in the floor, the whole dome creates a wonderful healing resonance.


“Our Peace Dome held over 700 Crystal Sound Healing sessions in 2023.  This twice-daily, 20- minute journey has offered deep relaxataion to more than 50,00 souls.”    Toby King: Crystal Castle manager.