Cali Beach


Client: Cali Beach

Venue: Rooftop night club. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. QLD

Dome Cover:  Fabric Solutions

Dome Frame: The Dome Company



All components had to taken to site in a 4 person elevator.

Components then had to be manually transported 50 metres and down stairs.

The usual hold down option of concrete ballast blocks could not be used.


Trolleys were incorporated to get the components on site.

The ten metre one-piece canopy weights around 100 kgs, so is able to be carried by 4 – 5 crew.

The 10 metre hemisphere dome consists of 250 steel (or aluminium) ‘struts’ with the longest length being 1650mm.  It can be transported easily in an SUV or ute.

Hold down of the dome was achieved by running ratchet tie down straps under the existing sand and attaching to supporting posts of the adjacent elevated deck.


Setup and execution

With a crew of 5, using The Dome Company proprietary lifting equipment, we can build such a 10m diameter dome in 3 – 4 hours.

We 2 more crew it is possible to build the dome frame and then manhandle the cover over the frame after it is built.

Outcome and benefits

The one piece clear vinyl cover means that this product is only suitable for winter months in Queensland.

The Cali Beach 10 metre “Igloo” was extremely popular during the winter of 2022



The 10 metre dome (galvanised steel tube frame and on piece clear pvc cover) is now in The Dome Company stock and available for sale or rental