The 15 Metre Dome

The 15 Metre Dome Specifications

Diameter: 15 metres - 50 feet
Height: 7.5 metres - 25 feet
Floor Area: 177m²
Tube frame: 31.8mm galvanised steel
Entrances: 3-5 entrances - 2.6 metres high
Capacity: Standing: 250, Row seating: 180, Buffet: 150
Optional vents & opening sides
Prices on enquiry
PVC fire retardant canopy; variety of colours
Clear PVC bay window or panels
Structural engineering certification
Can be installed on: Concrete, grass or platform
Assembled in: 7-8 hours
Disassembled in: 4 hours
Transport: by Ute
Australian owned and made

The 15 Metre Dome Examples