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The Process of Building a Custom Framed Dome


We take your wishes and specifications


Then we conceive and plan the inner and outer spaces for your dome


Your dome is taken to site and built in record fast time


After any fit-out: it’s time to invite your guests or start the show !

Here You Will Find a Selection of our Latest Frame Domes

3 Metre Hemisphere on Riser

4 Metre Hemisphere

5 Metre Hemisphere

6.5m 5/8 Sphere

5 metre “Bucky Ball”   3D printed Hubs

Half “Bucky Ball”

6.5m & 8m frames

6.5m & 8m for Movie Set

5m, 6m & 7m

6.5m for Mapping

5m, 6m & 7m

6.5m VIVID Festival.Sydney

8m 5/8 Sphere

8m Half Sphere

8m Hemisphere

10 Metre

10 Metre

12 Metre

12 Metre Half Sphere

12 Metre Half Sphere

8 Metre Dome

6.5 Metre Dome

8 Metre Dome

15 Metre Dome

15 Metre Dome

15 Metre Dome

15 Metre Dome

18 Metre Dome

20 Metre Dome

We’re available for any project!