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“Cool, futuristic, minimalistic” (Mr Geoff Dwyer, Concept Craft)

“Stand out from the crowd. Have an impact.” (Amy Faulkner, Because)

Domes give the “WOW” factor: People come in the dome, look up and around and say “WOW!”

Easy to build: Up to 20m diameter dome in one day with no cranes using our proprietary lifting system.

Strong: Domes will easily support trusses and lights. Our larger domes even support trapeze.

Wind resistant: The dome will be the last venue standing in high winds.

Space: Much more volume than any other tent shape of equal footprint.

Energy-efficient: Easy to heat and cool. Roll up sides or top ventilation.

Versatile: Multiple entrances, custom canopies, colours or clear vinyl. Any size from 3 metres to 40 metres diameter.

Transportable: 180 square metre floor area dome (15m) packs into 2 cage pallets.

Advertising: Brand name the outside with decals or digital printing ; hang off anywhere inside

Attractiveness: Aesthetically enticing and uplifting, spacious and awe-inspiring, amazing acoustics, feeling of free space.

Projection: Use the entire interior and exterior surfaces for visuals. 3D immersive virtual reality is available with Fulldome Cinema.

The Classic White


The Classic White Dome looks great in every environment. Lightweight and versatile and quick to erect frames support the white canopy for all kinds of events. Our DOMES can be custom designed to your requirements or to facilitate just about any kind of exhibition, product launch, festival, or private function.


The White: Clean Crisp Interior


The classic white lends itself to the words: “Cool, futuristic and minimalist”. Great as a fresh clean canvas, the White Dome is ready for your dream interior. Our DOMES are fast to erect, strong, energy-efficient, and come in a multitude of varieties of colour, entrances and sizes.


Clear panels let the outside light and environment in !

How good is the feeling in a convertible car with the top down? Oh yes, we know you’ll love it.

The wonder and design cleverness of Domes allow you to use clear or opaque panels in a myriad of ways to enhance the experience for your guests or clients You can even remove panels completely!

Projection adds Possibilites

Go 3D and immersive by adding a Projection Package. Beautiful images and colours all around bring bespoke opportunities.

The advantage of the Dome is its curved clean skin. This can mimic the sky or act as far away horizon for you to paint any canvas your creative heart desires. 

Better in Black?

So you think Domes and Marquees and you think WHITE. Wrong ! 

Any dome can morph into a slick hard exterior, a multicoloured matrix of textures and shapes – or just a cool black moon rising on the horizon. In fact we can build your Dome in just about any colour and exterior skin you could ever want.

Frame Only

A Popular Choice

Sometimes the best design is the most simple and bold. Framed Only Domes will place you and your event in the spotlight at all times.

Framed Only Domes offer such a creative canvas. The geometry of the frame is perfect for lighting, hanging images on or an endless range of options. Being “see-through” means you create instant curiosity and the ability of showcasing what is on the inside – to the outside. 

Close Encounters of the Dome kind

Looking for an Out of This World experience? Then go large and hire a dome with full rigging capabilities and room enough for a true crowd and festival revelry. 

Imagine an event space 5 stories high – rising like a cosmic atrium with an endless sky above. And it can be built and fitted out to your exact specs. Even more amazing, it can support professional lighting and is transportable and fast to erect. Try doing that with a traditional marquee !

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