Backup   Download    Delete    Delete All     Restore Database Only*
This module is available only to portal Host!


Do not leave backup ZIP files on the WEB server because they contain information that may compromise security of your WEB site. After you finish downloading ZIP file(s), please click �DELETE ALL� button, to delete all backup files stored on the server.


To perform complete host restoration (database and files), you'll need to download selected ZIP file to your local computer and locally extract all of its content. Then use FTP or other client software to upload ALL files back to your host root. (Sorry, this cannot be done automatically by this module, because ASP.NET host process automatically restarts, if certain files are replaced in application folder. As of now, we found no way to control this behavior!). After you finish uploading all files, please enter following URL in your WEB browser:

This will automatically restore your database and when complete, will display your site�s home page.

Module copyright 2006 (c) XP Idea, LLC. All rights reserved.






* temporary or permanent shelter

*  for sale or lease

* custom made to suit your needs

* 1 day assembly, easily transported

* spacious & awe-inspiring 

* aesthetically enticing & uplifting

* unsurpassed versatility & strength

* Australian owned and made

* Australian structural engineering 

* create a "WOW" impression

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0409 244 424
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Tweed Coast, Australia








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